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Warrior Crunch Bars

Everything You Need To Know About Warrior Crunch Bars

Hitting your protein goals has never tasted as good as it does with Warrior Crunch Bars.

These crunchy, multi-layered Warrior Crunch protein bars are possibly the tastiest ones we’ve ever tried (and we’ve tried a lot around here!) and they pack a real protein punch too.

Warrior Crunch Bars

Each 64g bar has 20g of protein, sourced from a mix of milk protein, hydrolyzed collagen, soy, and rice flour. They’re also low in sugar and come in at 239 calories per bar.

Warrior Crunch Bars

You can grab them in a load of different delicious flavors, including choc chip cookie dough, dark chocolate peanut, raspberry lemon cheesecake, and white chocolate mocha. Whichever flavour you choose you’ll get a bar that’s layered with both soft and crunchy textures and covered in an indulgent chocolate coating.

A box of 12 bars will set you back £19.95, and if you’re not sure which flavour to pick you can opt for a selection pack to try a few different varieties out.

Even better, you can get 30% off your order when you use our exclusive Warrior discount code GF30WAR Here.

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