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furocity ice pops

Furocity Ice Pops: The Perfect Summer Snack 

In case you haven’t noticed the burning ball of plasma in the sky, Summer has officially arrived, and what better way to celebrate than with an ice pop?

But not just any ice pop, one made by heavyweight champion boxer Tyson Fury. As you might expect, the Furocity Ice Sticks are much more than sugar, flavourings and water. 

The Furocity Ice Pops are packed full of natural caffeine from guarana as well as B, C and E vitamins, ensuring you’re never on the ropes – whether you’re taking to the ring, pumping weights or racking up the miles on the treadmill.

There’s no information given on exactly how much caffeine is provided per stick, but we’d be willing to wager that it’s a good amount less than the 157mg included in the Furocity Energy Drink. 

Furocity Tyson Furry - Energy Ice 🧊 #review

The Gypsy King‘s frozen creation is available in four different flavours; Original, Sour Apple Punch, Black & Blue Raspberry, and Sour Cherry Knockout. 

Iceland and Asda are official stockists of Furocity products, but you’ll most frequently find them at the former. 

A box of four sticks is currently selling for just £1 on Iceland’s online store

So, in Fury’s words, “Grab yours today to hit your day like I hit Wilder. (HARD).”

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