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GSN Panko Breaded Chicken Bites

The Ultimate High Protein Easy Recipe Hack: GSN Panko Breaded Chicken Bites

Eating a decent, healthy diet when you’re also juggling work, the gym, family commitments, and everything else can feel almost impossible at times. Even with the best will in the world there will be evenings when you just can’t face prepping and cooking a proper meal. Luckily we’ve got a solution for you, that’ll help you throw together a healthy, protein-packed meal in no time – GSN Panko Breaded Chicken Bites. They’re perfect for a speedy lunch, filling dinner, or a simple post-gym snack. And with our GSN discount code GF5 you can save 5% off your order, so you can eat well for less too. 

GSN – Gold Standard Nutrition

GSN was founded by Craig Allen back in 2012 and he’s built the business from the ground up with one simple idea driving everything – that eating healthy food should be easy. 

It all started with a realisation that having high-quality, pre-cooked chicken on hand can make whipping up tasty, healthy, high-protein meals a lot more accessible to a lot more people. And over the last 12 years Craig’s turned the brand into one of the leading sellers of healthy frozen foods in the UK.

The GSN range now features a feast of high-protein, healthy meals and foods, including pizzas, wraps, and Pots of Gold ready meals. And while you can still get the plain, cooked chicken breasts that started it all, you can also find great-tasting chicken bites that make eating well an absolute cinch.

What we think of GSN Panko Breaded Chicken Bites

GSN Panko Breaded Chicken Bites

You can get GSN’s chicken bites in Salt & Pepper, Spicy Fajita, and Smokey BBQ flavours, but if you want something truly versatile then you need to get your hands on the GSN Panko Breaded chicken bites.

They’re just what they sound like; pieces of roast chicken breast, coated in real panko breadcrumbs for a light, crispy finish. For just £15 you can get a 1kg bag of these beauties, perfect to pop in the freezer ready to add to all your favourite chicken-based meals.

All you need to do is grab a serving of the GSN Panko Breaded chicken bites out of the freezer and defrost them in the fridge overnight. Then you can enjoy them cold as a snack, in a wrap with salad, or to add some extra protein to a pasta salad. 

Prefer your chicken warm? Then just pop your bites in the microwave for 90 seconds to heat them through. Then you can add them to pretty much any meal you like. 

The fact that the GSN panko breaded chicken bites aren’t flavoured like the other bites in the range means you’re not limited in how you use them. You can add your own flavour to them with sauces and spices, and use them in everything from hot and cold pasta dishes to curries and chinese-inspired meals.

Each serving of the bites gives you 18g of protein for 269 calories, making them the ideal helping hand to get you on your way to meeting your protein goal each day. The bites are also low in salt, sugar, and fats, and are made with lean, humanely farmed chicken, so you know you’re getting great quality every time.

GSN Panko Breaded Chicken Bites

What makes GSN panko breaded chicken bites the ultimate high protein hack though is how incredibly convenient they are. On those days when you’re rushing from pillar to post, having a healthy, tasty meal component like these ready to go is honestly a bit of a life-saver. You can have great quality chicken to throw in a rice or pasta dish, without having to prep or cook it (or clean up much after you’ve eaten).

And if you want a quick snack to help you refuel after a workout or to see you through until dinner then these chicken bites are also the ideal answer. 

Adding GSN Panko Breaded chicken bites to your meals is a no-brainer if you want to stay on top of your nutrition without spending hours in the kitchen. Whether you’re rushing from work to the gym or just need a quick and tasty dinner, these chicken bites have got you covered. And remember, you can save 5% off our order when you use our GSN discount code GF5 at the online checkout. Visit the website here to shop.

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