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Gymshark preworkout supplement

Gymshark Pre Workout Supplement: Brand New Launch

Following 7 years of domination in the fitness apparel game, industry giant Gymshark has taken its first step into the world of sports nutrition with Gymshark Pre with their Gymshark Pre Workout Supplement.

The clothing company’s first-ever supplement features a moderate combination of ingredients and dosages, which is probably sensible given the huge audience it has been introduced to.  

The formula – which was announced to the world on January 12 – includes 4g of citrulline malate at a 2:1 ratio to get those muscles pumped, 3.25g of creatine for strength and size, and 2g of beta-alanine to drive performance and endurance. 

Completing the supercharged blend are B vitamins, a low 200mg of taurine, 100mg of theacrine, and for that all-important boost, 200mg of caffeine.

For the more seasoned connoisseurs of pre-workout, the dosages provide room to double up. However, the brand and supplement do only recommend throwing down a single serving, of which there are 30 in every tub.

It’s clear this has been launched as a slightly tapered-down pre-workout that’s aimed towards the wider fitness community, rather than the powerlifters of the world. 

But nonetheless, the launch is an exciting revelation and one which is likely to signal further ventures into the world of supplementation. 

Gymshark Pre Workout Supplement: How to Get it

The price of Gymshark Pre certainly supports the theory that it is being floated to the mainstream at £30, or $36.66, a tub. It comes in just one flavour, Blue Raspberry, and is currently a limited edition item sold in-store, online through its website, and at events.

Now that Gymshark Launch Click here to grab yours.

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