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Holly B Begins Marathon Prep Training

Taking part in the New York marathon is a huge dream for a lot of runners, but with strict entry requirements it can be a pretty tough dream to realise. Fitness influencer Holly B thought that it was something that was definitely out of reach for her this year, until Strava stepped in and offered her the chance of a lifetime to run the marathon in November.

With just 10 weeks to prepare after getting the offer though, Holly’s got a lot of work ahead of her when it comes to training and preparing for the big event. But as she’s already got a great overall level of fitness this is a challenge that Holly’s raring to take on.

LETS START MARATHON TRAINING | hybrid training split for the NY marathon, Gymshark haul ad

In a recent YouTube video she explains that she’s mixing up her training by doing strength sessions in the gym as well as heading out on regular runs to build up the stamina she’ll need to take on the marathon. And having already run a marathon in Paris a few months ago this is clearly a system that Holly knows will work well for her.

After a trip to the gym that was maybe harder than usual thanks to a pretty unpleasant hangover, Holly then heads out to do the food shopping and explains that she’s upping her calories as part of her marathon training plan.

Then later on in the video she heads out for a tempo run which is designed to help her increase her speed ahead of race day. And the way Holly’s already going with her training we’re sure that when the day of the New York marathon rolls around she’ll absolutely smash it!

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