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vitl collagen and vitamin c

New Effervescent Supplement Revolutionizes Skincare with Hydrolysed Collagen & Vitamin C

In today’s pursuit of beauty and wellness, one innovative product has been making waves – the newly formulated effervescent tablets packed with hydrolysed collagen and vitamin C. Designed specifically to enhance skin radiance and hydration, this scientifically-backed supplement serves as a one-stop solution for a range of skin concerns. Now, customers can enjoy a remarkable 20% discount using the Vitl Discount Code GFVITL20 at checkout.

What sets this product apart is its multifaceted approach to health and beauty. It actively supports collagen supply, offering a profound impact on the skin’s elasticity and firmness. In addition to this, its antioxidant effects act as a protective shield for skin cells, offering them immunity from harmful free radicals.


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The product is also a potent health booster. Vitamin C, renowned for its role in fortifying the immune system, is one of the key ingredients. This ensures that while users care for their skin, their overall health is simultaneously catered to.

Consuming these Vitl effervescent tablets is straightforward – dissolve 1-2 tablets in a 200ml glass of water daily. To experience the full benefit, it’s recommended that users maintain this regimen for at least three months, allowing the body sufficient time to adjust and react to the supplementation.

Underpinning the efficiency of these tablets is a synergistic interaction between collagen and vitamin C. Each serving delivers 1000mg of hydrolysed marine collagen, which is absorbed through the blood vessels to the dermis, the skin’s deepest layer. This triggers the body’s natural collagen production. Complementing this, 80mg of vitamin C amplifies the antioxidant effects, protecting skin cells and aiding collagen production.

Aside from the noticeable benefits for the skin, this product also offers nutritional support for your hair, nails, and joints, underscoring its comprehensive approach to wellness.

vitl collagen and vitamin c

Rest assured that each effervescent tablet is crafted by experts and backed by science. The formula boasts high-quality, non-GMO, ultra-absorbable ingredients and is free of unnecessary fillers, poor nutrient forms, artificial colours, flavours, chemicals, preservatives, and sugar. It’s a pescatarian-friendly product, ensuring that it aligns with a broad spectrum of dietary preferences.

Harness the power of hydrolysed collagen and vitamin C with these effervescent tablets and embrace the journey to radiant, hydrated skin. Don’t forget to make the most of the 20% off Vitl Discount Code GFVITL20 at checkout. Visit the website here to shop now.

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