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Introducing The Alcohol Free 13Kcal UNLTD IPA 

Love a good IPA but don’t always want the extra calories or the hangover? Then let us introduce you to the alcohol-free drink of your dreams – UNLTD IPA.

Created by Johnny and Antonia Johnson in 2020, UNLTD has a range of great-tasting, award-winning alcohol-free beers which includes the incredible IPA. It’s progressively brewed to be low on alcohol but high on taste, so it absolutely hits the spot when you get that craving for a cold, refreshing beer.


UNLTD IPA has deep and complex malt flavours, with aromas of citrus and tropical fruits and a perfectly balanced bitter backbone. If you’ve tried other alcohol-free beers before and been disappointed then you absolutely need to give this one a go. The depth of flavour and long hoppy finish are just the same as you’d expect in a standard IPA, so much so that you might not even be able to tell that this is an alcohol-free version.

Coming in at just 13 calories per 330ml bottle, UNLTD IPA really is the perfect alternative if you’re watching your calorie intake. It’

s also low-carb, vegan, and gluten free, and even has added vitamin B12 which helps to boost your energy and improve your memory.

UNLTD IPA: Shopping deets

You can get 12 bottles for £25 direct from UNLTD as a one-off purchase, or you can set up a subscription so you never run out and save yourself 15% off the price in the process. Whichever way you do it, you won’t regret having a few bottles of this great-tasting, alcohol-free IPA chilling in your fridge! Visit the website to shop.

You can also find other great deals on healthy drinks here.

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