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Krissy Cela Announced Season 2 Oner Active Documentary

Get ready for more exclusive behind-the-scenes action from the non-stop world of Krissy Cela and Oner Active

That’s right. Krissy has just announced the arrival of season 2 of the super popular Oner Active documentary on Oner’s YouTube channel. 

With each of the 10 chapters of season 1 getting thousands of views it’s pretty clear that we’re not the only ones who love to learn more about all the work that Krissy and the team put in to make Oner Active as successful as it is.

"TO NEW BEGINNINGS" | Krissy Cela, Oner Active Documentary | Season 2

Chapter 1 of season 2 is titled ‘To New Beginnings’, and opens with Krissy explaining that the documentary will tell Oner Active’s story as they expand to be the biggest women’s strength training brand in the world.

The videos will show all the highs and lows along the way, with Krissy feeling passionately about bringing everyone in the Oner Active community along for the journey as they continue to grow.

Where Season 1 was more of an introduction to the world of Oner, Season 2 will be a no-holds barred look behind the scenes.

So stay tuned to Oner’s YouTube channel to follow along as the brand goes through a massive growth phase and see everything that goes on behind the scenes to make it all happen.

You can visit the Oner Active website to stay tuned on all developments.

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