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Lumen Review: From On-the-Go Mom to Metabolic Maven

Life at 47 isn’t the same as my twenties. Between juggling work, raising children, and attempting some semblance of self-care, the word “busy” barely scratches the surface. And amidst this chaos, maintaining a healthy weight felt like scaling Mount Everest – daunting, seemingly impossible, and frequently placed on the back burner.

Enter the Lumen Macro Tracking Device

First Impressions

What’s This Magic? When I first heard about Lumen Metabolism Device, I was skeptical. Yet another fitness device? But Lumen promised something different – understanding my body’s unique metabolic responses. So, I took the plunge, hoping to find that elusive balance in my life.



A Metabolic Mirror Having always been an on-the-go mom, snacking between chores and children’s activities became second nature. The downside? My weight silently crept up. With Lumen, I had a window into my body’s metabolic needs. Suddenly, I wasn’t just eating; I was fueling my body based on its specific needs. Those mystery weight gains? They started making perfect sense.

Meal Choices

An Informed Decision The insights from Lumen were game-changing. I realized that my ‘quick bites’ on busy days were often the culprits slowing down my metabolism. Armed with Lumen’s personalized meal recommendations, I began making smarter choices. Fast food on hectic days gave way to nutrient-rich meals tailored to my metabolic state. The best part? No drastic dieting. It was all about understanding and adjusting.

A Manageable Weight Loss Journey 

lumen metabolism device

Unlike the rapid, often unsustainable weight loss gimmicks out there, with Lumen, my journey was steady and sustainable. Understanding my metabolic health made me feel empowered. Slowly but surely, the weight started shedding, and I felt more in control than ever.

For Those on the Fence 

For any mom or individual out there feeling lost in the maze of weight management, Lumen might just be your compass. And here’s a cherry on top: you can now avail a £50 discount with the code GYMFLUENCER at checkout. A small price for invaluable insights.

Final Thoughts 

Lumen isn’t just another device; it’s a transformative experience. It’s been my guide, helping me navigate the complexities of metabolism in the whirlwind that is motherhood. With Lumen, I’m not just losing weight; I’m gaining a deeper understanding of my body and its needs. And in this chaotic phase of life, that clarity is priceless.

Visit the Lumen website here now to shop.

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