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Mat Frasers' Podium Supplements Launch 30% Off One & Done Sale

Mat Frasers’ Podium Supplements Launch 30% Off One & Done Sale

It’s about to end so be quick! The brand created by Mat Fraser and The Buttery Bros are offering you the chance to get their industry leading supplements at the lowest prices online. With a 30% discount on their entire store it gives you a chance to try these new supplements at a highly reduced price.

Created by Matt Fraser

Mr CrossFit himself Mat Fraser is behind the creation of 3-2-1 Podium supplements where him and the Buttery Bros wanting to launch a product specifically targeting the high performance athletes who take part in the toughest gym workouts and events in the world. Naturally being a CrossFit champion, Mat had specific needs that he felt were not being met by other supplement brands so he created his own.

Starting a Brand with MAT FRASER

What You Should Buy!

The current Podium offering is small which mainly includes Whey, Fuse (pre-workout) and their hydration product ‘Hydro & Salt’ so which products should you buy during the one & done sale? It’s easy to say all of them so instead we will give you our ultimate suggestion which is the Podium Whey Maple Butter Pancake. If you are familiar with The Buttery Bros, you will know that this flavour was always going to happen and you will also know that they would not release it, if it wasn’t a 10/10 tasting product.

Like all Podium products it is fully disclosed and fully transparent. The 100% whey protein blend is also combined with digestive enzymes which means you won’t feel like your stomach has been hit by a truck and that your body will be taking in those nutrients in a healthy and efficient manner. Podium Whey offers 25g of protein per serving with just 120 calories. It is also gluten and soy free.

Remember this is the Podium One & Done sale which means there will be no more in 2022. This is your only chance to save 30% and to enjoy all of their products at a discounted rate.

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