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MyProtein Coffee Boost Whey Pistachio Is The Hottest Release This Month 

Get your day off to a delicious start with MyProtein Coffee Boost in the new limited-edition pistachio flavour.

Oh yes, your morning routine is set for an indulgent upgrade when you swap your standard cup of coffee for a Coffee Boost shake in this tasty new flavour.

Never tried Coffee Boost before? Well, you’re absolutely missing out! It’s an incredible combo of whey protein, real coffee, and guarana, that tastes amazing and sets you up to seize the day.

With 18g of protein it’ll get you on your way to hitting your protein goal first thing, while the 94mg of caffeine in each serving gives you that perfect boost of alertness and focus. 

coffee boost whey

Shake up a 25g scoop of the Coffee Boost powder with 250ml of water or milk and you’ll have the perfect drink to kick-start your day in less time than it takes for your kettle to boil for your regular cuppa. 

Whether you’re heading to the gym for an early morning workout or running out the door for a busy day at work, making MyProtein coffee boost part of your morning routine is the perfect way to get a much-needed caffeine hit along with a helping hand towards hitting your protein goal.

And you can add some muscle to your mornings for less with our exclusive discount code that gets you 38% off your order of MyProtein pistachio coffee boost. All you need to do to nab that saving is use the code ‘MYPGYM’ at the online checkout!

Visit the MyProtein website here to shop now.

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