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MyProtein The Whey Protein Powder review: Our new go-to

So, here’s the tea. I’ve tried like, a gazillion protein powders (slight exaggeration but you get the drift), and guess what? I’ve found a new BFF in the protein world. Let me introduce you to MyProtein’s THE Whey™. Ready for the lowdown?

Protein Punch:

Okay, so this bad boy comes with a mad mix of whey formula. We’re talking 25g of protein, 3g of leucine, and over 5g of naturally-occurring glutamine. In non-gym lingo? This stuff’s like rocket fuel for your muscles after those brutal CrossFit sessions.

Plus, they aren’t messing around with the quality. Think top-shelf, not that dodgy discount stuff.

Keeping It Lean:

For my pals counting their macros or just not wanting the extra junk, THE Whey™ is your dude. Less than 2g of carbs and under 1g of fat. No nasty surprises here!


Real talk? I’m lactose intolerant (yes, the struggle is real). But this powder has got this awesome thing called MyZyme™ which is like a superhero for my stomach. No more post-shake belly dramas. 

Taste Test:

Alright, if it tastes blah, we’re just not interested, right? Lucky for us, THE Whey™ is delish. Cookies n’ Cream, Peanut Butter Cup – it’s like dessert in a shaker! Who said gains can’t be tasty?

Who Should Try It?

Pretty much everyone, except maybe vegans. But hey, MyProtein’s got our plant-loving pals covered with a dope vegan range too.

Mix It Up:

Best way to chug this? 32g (one scoop-ish) with 300ml water, roughly 30 mins before or after getting your sweat on.

Final Deets:

Alrighty, to wrap this up – I’m legit obsessed with THE Whey™. Flavor? Bomb. Nutrition? On point. Digestion? Smooth sailing. 

If you’re keen to hop on the bandwagon, I’ve got a lil’ treat for ya. Use the MyProtein discount code MYPGYM and snag a cool 38% off. Because, ya know, friends share discounts. Visit the MyProtein website here now to shop.

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