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Naughty Boy The Drip Fat Burner

When scrolling through Instagram one can come across some niche finds that can change your spending habits. Supplements can range in quality and price but since recovering Muscle VooDoo Durham I now only buy top quality products at the best price. Muscle VooDoo Durham offer a broad range of products from Whey and Plant-Based Protein to Pre-Workouts, Creatine and BCAA’s all at the best price! If you sign up for their newsletter you can get 10% off your first purchase as well!

So top-quality products, best price and 10% discount, I had to place an order of the clinically dosed thermogenic fat burner created by Naughty Boy nutrition.

Recently I have wanted more from my pre-workout, I have required more focus during my training sessions and I am struggling to lose those last few pounds of fat. I needed to find a product to answer all my problems. I think I have found it. Maybe it’s too good to be true? But let’s find out!  

naughty boy the drip fat burner

What is this product? Naughty Boy’s The Drip Fat Burner. From the name, it would suggest it was just a fat burner. However, Naughty Boy has taken this product to the next level. One product loaded with six patented ingredients. The DRIP has the formulation to give long-lasting energy, supreme focus and the feeling of euphoria.

THE DRIP™ contains a unique formula of L-Carnitine and Acetyl L-Carnitine. This formula is THE DRIP’s Thermogenic Fat Loss Formula. L-Carnitine oxidised the fat cells in our body so we can utilise fat for energy more readily. Acetyl L-Carnitine passes the blood-brain barrier improving memory and reduced stress.

Two other unique ingredients within Naughty Boys The Drip are PRO GBB™ and Capsimax™. PRO GBB™ is the molecule converted to L-Carnitine in the body, increasing the levels by nearly double through one serving. Capsimax™ is capsicum, a hot chilli pepper native to South America. This product will speed up your body’s metabolism that can cause your body to go into a state of thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is the rapid fat-burning state.

This ingredients list is already demonstrating fundamental ingredients for fat loss. But it doesn’t stop there. The product is packed full of Grains of Paradise, known in the industry to increase thermogenesis. It contains three patented ingredients GPC – ALPAHZONE™ (ECSTASY), Infinergy™ & Enxtra™ (SLICK ENERGY), which provides a mental boost clinically proven to improve alertness and focus.

naughty boy the drip fat burner

Naughty Boy has demonstrated already that The Drip contains an extensive ingredients list. All these products mindfully formulated to take the fat burning category to a whole new level.

Naturally, there is a wide range of flavours to pick from as with all Naughty Boy products, but I went for Lemon Haze and Blue Wicked. The price from VooDoo Durham was too good to turn down, especially with the 10% off. I have now been using the product for a few days. First impressions, this works! I love the taste. The Lemon Haze is my favourite out of the two. I have only been taking one scoop whilst I build up my tolerance and I can already notice a huge difference. The intense focus and stimulation provide the perfect formulation to take your workout to the next level. I can’t comment on the fat-burning abilities as I have only been taking the product for a few days. However, I have noticed increasing sweating after my sessions, thermogenesis effect, so something must be working. I do feel a lot trimmer, so I am looking forward to where this product will take me and my workouts over the next few weeks. If you need an added boost to your workout or your fat loss journey the Naughty Boy’s The Drip has solved all your issues.

You can visit the website here to learn more and shop. You can also explore Innosupps’ fat burning supplements at an amazing discount here.

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