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Protein World Slender Mug Cake

Like many others committed to a disciplined diet, a healthy lifestyle and hitting your calorie goal the absence of chocolate can sometimes be all too much to handle. I like to ensure I consume chocolate every single day. This way I don’t find myself raiding the snack cupboard late at night.

The latest trend on social media is protein mug cakes. Anything protein baking related is in right now. Influencers are adding protein to any indulgent bake in an attempt to make it healthier! The latest product to try is Protein Mug Cake Mix from The Protein Works. The product is high in protein, low in sugar, high in fibre and a CAKE! It comes in seven different flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla Choc Chip, Birthday Cake, Banana Bread, Red Velvet, Choc Caramel Chew and Gimme S’more. Each packet has 12 servings so 12 days worth then!

So what even is a Protein Mug Cake? It is a protein dessert that you prepare quick and easy to provide a high protein, low fat and sugar pudding. All you need to do is put three scoops of powder in a mug of your choice, add two and a half scoops of almond milk and microwave for 30 seconds. I went easy on the milk to give it a thicker consistency. This product is perfect for someone that needs that chocolate fix, wants some cake and doesn’t want to spend hours baking!

The Protein Mug Cake comes in at 130 calories per serving with a massive 6.6 grams of protein. I cannot moan at this high quantity of protein for a pudding!

After having a look through the review, which are amazing, I decided to buy the Chocolate and Banana Bread flavour! 

Customers are saying ‘Most mug cakes you make at home can be quite dry or you have to use an egg, but these ones you don’t! That’s what I like most. But also they are very tasty, low calories and high in protein… what we like to see!’ and ‘This is amazing! The best mug cake I have ever had! I use water not milk and it is still amazing!’ Based on this the calories could be even lower if you use water instead.

protein mug cake

First up I gave the chocolate flavour a try and topped it with some zero calorie syrup and chocolate chips. I was surprised! It was delicious! It would be up there with one of the best protein puddings I have tried. It was quick and easy to make and didn’t make a mess in the kitchen. The taste is rich and indulgent. You don’t feel like you are having a lower calorie alternative. It is gooey inside, and chocolate chips melted lovely on top to give that brownie-like texture.

Overall I am very impressed with this product. Each serving comes in at 99p if you don’t subscribe or 67p if you subscribe. They currently have 25% off for new members. You could get these for a bargain! If you were to get a box of cakes from the supermarket you would probably get 6-8 for £1. So maybe a bit more expensive per serving. However, the nutritional benefits and the mental benefits of having this out weight that personally.

Overall the Protein Mug Cake Mix from Protein World combines fantastic macros into a pudding! The perfect nutritious snack for anyone with a sweet tooth but trying to stick to their healthy lifestyle.

Use code GYMFLUENCER30 for 30% off all orders Here.

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