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Who Is Rob Lipsett?

Rob Lipsett: The Irish Fitness Influencer Everybody Loves

You’ve probably seen Rob Lipsett and his content on your Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok ‘For You’ page – even if you don’t yet know who he is.

That’s unlikely, however, given that the chiseled Irishman has over 1 million followers across his social media platforms. 

Rob Lipsett

Hailing from Dublin, Rob has become a real superstar in the fitness world, building his reputation by sharing tips on workouts and healthy eating. 

But it’s during his vlogs that Rob’s larger-than-life personality really shines. The infectious star has become known for taking on crazy challenges and sharing snippets of his James Bond-style life. 

Dubbed Ireland’s answer to Joe Wicks, he has appeared on Love Island as a bombshell addition and graced the front cover of Men’s Health magazine – which is an achievement befitting of his relentless graft.

Not only is Rob in great shape, but he’s also a keen businessman, too. The entrepreneur has his finger in several low-fat pies and certainly enjoys the fruits of his hard work. 

He has a stunning villa in Marbella which he shares with his model girlfriend, Linda Smyth, and can often be seen jet-setting around the world. And did we mention he is a bestselling author?

Want to know more? If so it’s your lucky day because we’re going to be taking a closer look at the life and times of the Irishman. So without further ado let’s get into it.

Rob Lipsett Age

Although he looks like a man still in his mid-20s, Rob is actually 30 years old and soon to be 31. But it has to be said he’s undoubtedly aging like a fine wine. 

He celebrated his latest birthday in Tulum in Mexico. Speaking to Star Chic Magazine, he said: “I spent last Christmas and New Year’s in Tulum in Mexico. It was my first time there and I had such a blast. It timed with my 30th birthday which I spent on the beach with my friends and girlfriend Linda. 

“Tulum is so chilled, and I loved the whole trip after the year we all had. It was amazing to enjoy the blue ocean and work out at the famed real-life Fred Flintstone Jungle Gym on the beach! What a way to welcome a new decade! The memories will last forever.”

Rob Lipsett Height

Rob Lipsett is 5ft 9 ins and weighs around 80kg, with a physique that wouldn’t look out of place among the gladiators of Ancient Rome.

Social Media

From a college dropout to an influencer extraordinaire, Rob’s journey has to be respected. He studied business management at a “mediocre” university in Ireland called Dublin Institute of Technology and, while he came from a successful family, was struggling to find his own way.

Speaking to the Independent, Rob said he was “failing at everything”. He said: “I was a college dropout, I studied business management and I wasn’t engaged. I got fired from pretty much every job that I tried to hold down. I was making sandwiches in Spar; I worked in retail; I had an office job, a nine-to-five. But I was aimless.

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“One of the things I was always good at was fitness and going to the gym. I’ve always been athletic, but more a rugby player than a fitness model. So I concentrated on that. I started teaching myself and taking courses and making YouTube videos. I was doing the fitness thing on the side and then as soon as the side gig started making more than the day job – around the end of 2014 – I went into it full-time.”

Rob’s announcement that he was going to become an online personal trainer was met with skepticism from his own parents. “They couldn’t understand it,” he added. “They’re from a different generation. They started taking me seriously when I bought a new car and moved out.”

His first YouTube video went live on September 1, 2014, and within six months he quit his day job. Since then, he’s continued to spread his warmth and genuine enthusiasm for fitness ever further, and now boasts an online audience greater than the population of Dublin. At the time of writing, he has 636,000 on Instagram; 465,000 subscribers on YouTube; 35,000 on Twitter, and over 20,000 on TikTok.


Having ‘blown up’ as an online trainer, Rob’s success afforded him the opportunity to turn his Midas touch elsewhere by launching his business Fuel Cakes – and it has proved a worldwide hit. The range of protein pancakes offers fitness fanatics a much more diet-friendly option than their full-fat counterparts. Such is the demand for these macro-boosting treats he is currently completely sold out of all his stock.

But it isn’t all digital for Rob, he has also shown he has a touch of the old school left in him by writing a book (albeit with an accompanying app). The Rob Lipsett Game Plan is an easy-to-follow guide on getting ripped and aims to help everyone find the Insta-ready body they desire in just three easy steps; a can-do mindset, good eating, and training like you mean it. I know, it sounds a lot simpler when it’s truncated into a three-point summary, doesn’t it? The book also touches on flexible dieting following the influencer’s own battle with eating disorder-like symptoms and the lessons he took from the process.

Between globetrotting and making videos he also manages to squeeze in time to represent both Alphalete and emerging renegades Ghost Lifestyle. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.


Rob Lipsett featured on Season 3 of Love Island ultimately proved unsuccessful as he was dumped after just two days on ITV’s hit show. However, his fortunes took a steep upturn not long after when he met his girlfriend of four years, Linda Smyth. The blonde bombshell, who has 37,000 followers on Instagram, works as a designer for the clothing brand A Girl To Die For and is also an avid gym bunny. In fact, it’s a central part of their relationship.

The pair are the perfect examples of how you can keep the fire burning through a mutual love of burning fat. Speaking in a recent YouTube video, Rob said Linda is often the woman behind the camera, and while she isn’t always seen, the fellow Ireland native is a permanent fixture in the gym.

“We actually train together pretty much every single day,” he said. “I think that’s a huge component to our relationship, it adds a lot of value and is one of the reasons why we’ve been together a long time. You train together, you stay together.”

They can regularly be seen putting each other to work in Ultimate Performance gym in sunny Marbella, where they’ve just completed the build of their dream villa. The long-term project has captured the interest of thousands of viewers who have tuned in to regular updates on Rob’s YouTube channel.

Rob Lipsett and his girlfriend Linda Smith

Rob miraculously managed to build the dreamy Mykonos-style villa within his original 91,000 euro budget. Having transformed the formerly dreary three-bedroom property into something much more befitting of the location, their forever home now boasts a pool, outside oven, office area, and a sun terrace so the duo can make the most of the Spanish rays.

Is Rob Lipsett Natural?

As with anyone who looks like the gods have sculpted them, questions soon arise over whether they’re natural or not. Rob was the subject of some bizarre allegations after a documentary aired on Irish TV showing blurred images of a “well-known social media fitness blogger” purchasing steroids in a supplement shop. 

The program set the rumor mill into full swing and Rob’s name was dropped into the mix as a possible candidate for the mystery shopper’s identity. However, he later moved to clear his name by insisting he has always been a clean athlete. Speaking to RSVP Live, he said: “Steroids do exist in the fitness industry but I choose to remain natural. I like my physique the way it is, so I don’t feel the need to get bigger for the moment.”

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