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5 YouTube Fitness Influencers You Must Subscribe To

5 YouTube Fitness Influencers You Must Subscribe To

Bored at work? Need motivation? Enjoy watching people eat and train? Our 5 YouTube fitness influencers you must subscribe to will help with all of these and even show you the behind the scenes lifestyle that many live and their entrepreneurship.

  1. Christian Guzman
  2. Heidi Somers
  3. Will Tennyson
  4. Maxx Chewning
  5. Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall

Christian Guzman

With 980K subscribers Christian Guzman is known as one of the OG’s of YouTube where he has shown his workouts but most notably his rise in the business world where he has created Alphalete, 3D energy drinks and now Alphaland.

So You Think You Can Start A Business…

Heidi Somers

Heidi Somers AKA Buff Bunny is a heart on her sleeve type of YouTuber. She lets you experience a day in the life of a fitness influencer and successful business owner. Creator of ‘Heidi Somers Fit‘ and BuffBunny gym wear she shows what its like to prepare for launch days, rent office space and manage her ever growing team of employees.

Growing the glutes | Teaching a beginner

Will Tennyson

The name on this list who had a rise like no other currently achieves over 250K video views in the first week shows you his workouts but is most known for food trials, tests and challenges. 10k and 20k calorie days have been completed, partner workouts done, copying The Rocks diet and many other viral videos have helped him get over 3million subscribers in under 300 videos.

20,000 CALORIE CHALLENGE | EPIC Cheat Day | Man VS Food

Maxx Chewning

A big favourite of Gymfluencers, Maxx Chewning is a fitness influencer who’s YouTube channel you need to subscribe to due to comedy, entrepreneurship and some seriously heavy lifting for a self confessed “twig legged little man”. Seeing him deadlift 550lbs or squat over 500lbs should be impressive enough but what Maxx is really excelling out is his business growth where he owns fashion label Ever Forward and sweet company Sour Strips. Sour Strips can be found in Target, Walmart, 7-11 and many other independent stores and nationwide chains.

FULL DAY IN MY LIFE (not what you’d expect)

Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall

Former Worlds Strongest Man, Eddie Hall’s YouTube channel is just about to hit 2million subscribers with his videos reaching upwards of 1M views. Eddie has hung up his strongman shoes and is now becoming a boxer where he shows off his training and recovery videos where he is often joined by other influencers such as Ross Edgley and MattDoesFitness. Eddie is set to fight current deadlift record holder and worlds strongest man Thor.

ROSS EDGLEY lives my life for 24 hours! | Eddie Hall

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