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simon jordan

Simon Jordan: From Business Tycoon to talkSPORT’s Outspoken Voice

The name Simon Jordan may evoke various sentiments, depending on who you ask. To some, he is the business prodigy who made millions in the mobile phone industry; to others, he is the controversial former owner of Crystal Palace Football Club; and to many, he’s the candid voice on talkSPORT that never shies away from giving a forthright opinion. Simon’s journey from business highs to personal lows and a reinvigorated career in media is nothing short of remarkable.

The Rise in Business:

Born in 1967 in Thornton Heath, Surrey, Simon’s early success story began with the mobile phone industry. At 32, he established the Pocket Phone Shop, a venture that would see rapid expansion and commendable success. By 2000, Simon sold his enterprise of 208 shops to One2One (later T-Mobile) for an estimated £75 million. His journey from an entrepreneur to a multi-millionaire seemed like a modern-day success story.

Entering the Football Arena:

simon jordan

With his newfound wealth, Jordan transitioned into football, purchasing Crystal Palace Football Club for £10 million. He became the youngest chairman in the Football League. However, while his initial years were marked by hope and investment, the football arena proved challenging. Though the club tasted Premier League action in 2004, financial instability loomed, culminating in the club entering administration by 2010.

Financial Struggles and Personal Life:

Simon’s financial woes didn’t just stem from the club’s difficulties. 2012 was a particularly low year as he declared personal bankruptcy. Additionally, he suffered a personal blow when he was robbed of a valuable watch at gunpoint.

On the personal front, details about Simon’s private life, including his relationships, are relatively guarded. However, he’s known to have been married, though specifics about his wife or their life together aren’t widely circulated in public discourse, showcasing Jordan’s intent on keeping certain aspects of his life away from the limelight.

From Bankruptcy to Broadcasting:

Simon Jordan & Martin Keown CLASH over the England squad announcement! 😬 | talkSPORT

Financial challenges didn’t deter Simon. He soon embarked on a media career with talkSPORT, where his unique experiences, particularly as a club owner, brought a fresh perspective. While his exact salary at talkSPORT is undisclosed, industry insiders speculate that prominent figures like Jordan command a handsome pay, possibly running into six figures annually, given the expertise and audience pull they bring.

As for his current net worth, precise numbers fluctuate and vary between sources, especially in light of his past financial issues. However, it’s evident that his role at talkSPORT, combined with other ventures, ensures he enjoys a comfortable lifestyle.


Simon Jordan‘s trajectory – from the business zenith to football challenges and a media resurgence – paints the portrait of a man who continually evolves. His story offers lessons about the unpredictability of success and the importance of adaptability. His achievements, setbacks, and undeniable resilience ensure that he remains a prominent figure, both in business discussions and the world of football punditry.

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