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Chris Eubank Jr Hits Back At Simon Jordan

Professional British boxer Christopher Livingstone Eubanks Jr has criticised sports show talkSPORT, referring to its recent interview as scumbags broadcasting. In a recent interview with his father, Christopher Livingstone Eubanks Snr, a comment calling Chris Eubanks Jr by one of the hosts, Simon Jordan, was replayed. 

According to the comment, Simon referred to Chris Eubanks Jr as a charlatan. To Simon, all Chris Eubanks Jr. is famous for is making noise about fights he doesn’t win. 

Present in the studio with hosts Jim and Simon was Chris Eubanks Snr, who was also asked what he thought of Simon referring to his son as a charlatan. 

Simon Jordan Reacts To Chris Eubank Jr. for HITTING OUT at talkSPORT!

In response to the interview with his father, Chris Eubanks Jr. spoke on Gary Neville’s Overlap, saying being called a charlatan is mild, and he didn’t take the comment to heart. However, he expressed his displeasure about the hosts of talkSPORT asking his dad such a question, knowing his father’s present mental health state.

Chris Eubanks Snr recently lost his son, Sebastian Eubanks, who died of a cardiac arrest in Dubai. Chris Eubanks Jr. says his father isn’t taking his brother’s death very well.

Reacting to Chris Eubanks Jr.’s interview on Overlap, Simon defended himself, saying the interview wasn’t to exploit Chris Eubanks’ present situation. He said the charlatan comment wasn’t meant for Chris Eubanks Snr but for his son.

Simon went further to say he isn’t a clickbait merchant, unlike Gary Neville, who isolated his one-hour-long interview with Chris Eubanks Snr to stir up controversies. 

Simon ended the video by saying Chris Eubanks Jr is entitled to his view if he thinks the interview was scumbag broadcasting.

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