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Skinny Food x Eddie Hall

Skinny Food x Eddie Hall Collab Set To Launch Full Health Product Range

It’s official, the world’s strongest man has teamed up with The Skinny Food Co to create an entire collection of low-calorie products. 

Dubbed ‘The Beast’ range in homage to the strongman’s nickname, products will include bread, wraps, thins, a pizza base and a selection of international sauces spanning from Greek kebab flavour to a Jamaican-inspired jerk. 

While it doesn’t seem like the most natural coalition to have a strongman repping a brand which works to keep calories at virtually zero, Hall dropped over 50kg in the lead-up to his fight with fellow titan Thor Bjornsson having previously been a career-high of 200kg.

Since then, he’s maintained a slightly leaner physique, and it looks like this new partnership means it’s more than likely here to stay.

Born in 2018 from a desire to improve the relationship their diabetic family members had with food, co-founders Wayne Starkey and James Whiting set up The Skinny Food Co with the vision of providing healthier, less calorie-dense alternatives to the foods we all love and love to enjoy.

Skinny Food x Eddie Hall

Originally mastering simple sauces like BBQ and ketchup, the pair have since grown the brand to a multi-million-pound weight-loss powerhouse which boasts upwards of 500 products.
Skinny Food Co has yet to announce exactly when the range will drop, only teasing that it will be ‘soon’. However, if you want exclusive updates you can sign up for the launch, here.

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