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Speculoos Protein Aka Lotus Biscoff Flavour Now Available at ProteinWorld

Lotus Biscoff Protein is finally here but it goes under a very different name: Speculoos Flavour. You can find this protein across many brands but ProteinWorld do it better and you can receive a 30% discount on your protein order using code GYMFLUENCER30.

Brands cannot use the name Lotus Biscoff as it’s not an official endorsed product but here at Gymfluencers we can! Here is our review of ProteinWorld’s Speculoos products.

ProteinWorld The Slender Blend

The best selling, great tasting meal replacement shake from ProteinWorld in Speculooos is one of the best on the market. Compared to other meal replacement shakes such as Slimming World, Huel and Soylent it is one of the lowest calories with just 150 calories. It is recommended to be consumed with milk or a milk replacement such as almond milk which would then deliver 202 calories per 40g serving. Other nutritional information includes:

Total Fat2.1 (g)
Carbohydrate9 (g)
Protein23.2 (g)

The flavour is pretty much as close to the original Lotus Biscoff as you can get. It mixes well, is much better with a milk or milk replacement and is super easy to drink. There is zero grit or powder left after a good shake. I had mine as a breakfast replacement, it was like being naughty and having a guilty dessert rather than a dietary supplement.

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