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Personalised Vitamins From VITL

Support Your Health Goals With Personalised Vitamins From VITL

There are so many vitamins and supplements out there to choose from, it can feel almost impossible to know which ones to buy to support your individual health goals.

Personalised vitamins from VITL make life easier and more efficient for you by offering a monthly subscription service that automatically sends out your 30 day supply that’s made just for you and your needs.

Personalised Vitamins From VITL

Vitl have a great range of vitamins from standard multivitamins, to selections designed to promote healthy sleep, support gut health, or boost your immune system.
What’s really special about Vitl though is that they can create custom vitamins for you, based on your lifestyle and your needs.

You can choose from a pack of 4 daily supplements formulated by their experts or a bottle of their Essential One daily multivitamins, both created with your needs in mind.

Ordering Personalised Vitamins From VITL

Ordering your personalised multivitamins from Vitl is quick and easy, and actually quite fun.

All you need to do is go to their website and click on the ‘take consultation’ button to get started.

You’re then led through a series of around 50 questions that help Vitl really understand your lifestyle and what you need from a supplement.

The questions cover everything from your diet and digestion, to your energy, stress, and activity levels.

50 might seem like a lot of questions but the way they’re presented means you can whizz through them all in about 5 minutes.  The tone of the questions is quite fun and light-hearted too, with emojis and graphics thrown in to keep things from getting too serious.

Once you’ve answered all the questions Vitl uses that information to put together your personalised multivitamins that are designed to meet your main three health goals.

For me, these goals are to feel more energised, boost cognitive function, and improve fitness.

Your personalised multivitamins are then bottled up and posted straight to your front door.  Simple as that.

The Essential One

My personalised multivitamins arrived a few days after I placed my order in a sturdy, letterbox-sized box.

As soon as I opened the box I was hit by the bright, sunny Vitl yellow that covered the inside.  And then I spotted my name on the bottle of vitamins which really made me smile. 

It’s a small thing really, but that personalised label is a great reminder each time you take them that these multivitamins are designed just for you.  You know that you’re getting exactly what you need to support your personal health goals, rather than just taking a generic all-rounder multivitamin. 

The vitamins themselves are standard-sized capsules that are really easy to swallow and don’t really taste of anything, which makes them really easy to add to your daily routine.

Vitl recommends that you take your Essential One vitamins with or just after food, ideally in the morning.  But they also advise you not to take them with caffeine because it can interfere with the absorption of nutrients into the body.

So, because I have a coffee with my breakfast each morning, I’ve been taking my multivitamin with my lunch instead.

After taking the vitamins for about a week I really can feel a difference in my energy levels and I’m finding it easier to focus on work during the day.  What’s really great though is the knock-on effect this then has on my overall sense of wellbeing.

More energy means better workouts and being able to focus more means a real sense of achievement at the end of the day.  

I would highly recommend Vitl’s personalised vitamins as an easy way to supplement your diet and support your goals for a healthier lifestyle.

Personalised Vitamins From VITL Are FREE!

You read that right, you can claim your free 2-week supply using our promo code GFFREE Here.

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