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messi water bottle looks like prime

The Messi Water Bottle Looks A Lot Like Prime 

At 36 years old, it seems Lionel Messi is starting to look at life beyond the football pitch. While the Argentinian icon is still scoring goals for Inter Miami, there will come a time in the not-so-distant future when he hangs up those spellbinding boots for good.

Most footballers become pundits, while some retreat to a quiet life enjoying their riches. Messi, however, will be kept occupied by his role as founder and CEO of The Más+ Next Generation Beverage Co.

The star’s first product, Mas+, launched this week—a hydration beverage that promises to strike a perfect balance between nutrition and taste.

Amid all the buzz about Messi’s new water bottles, many fans have noted the striking resemblance between Mas+ and KSI and Logan Paul’s PRIME.

The similarities in branding even drew a comment from KSI himself. “Looks familiar,” the YouTuber tweeted, before following up with another jibe suggesting that Messi’s arch-nemesis in the GOAT debate, Cristiano Ronaldo, was the better footballer.

Messi’s water bottles are available in four flavours, each paying homage to his illustrious career: Miami Punch, Orange d’Or, Berry Copa Crush, and Limon Lime League.

In a statement about the launch of Mas+, Messi wrote: “I wanted a drink that had the ingredients I need and amazing flavour. No compromise on quality ingredients. So I went to work on a drink of my own.

“To achieve my goals, I learned that hydration plays a very important role, he continued, as he spoke about the drink’s nutritional value. “I have always had in mind to improve. I’ve always been about improvement, and wanted to find a drink with both amazing taste and the right ingredients.”

Messi added: “But many drinks that are good for you taste bad. Many flavoured drinks have high levels of unhealthy ingredients, so people who drink them consume more sugar, calories, artificial ingredients, and even caffeine than they realise. You shouldn’t have to choose between better ingredients and better taste.”

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Image credits: Masbymessi

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