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The Story Behind Infamous IG Account 'the_form_police2020'

The Story Behind Infamous IG Account ‘the_form_police2020’

If you follow bodybuilders, gym influencers, strongmen and local gyms on Instagram then you will have likely come across the IG account ‘the_form_police2020’ and been amazed at the bad technique that he likes to give a platform too. Splitting opinion of love and hate of this account we wanted to reach out to the person behind this page to see what their true intentions were and we got some answers!

Although the name and the face of the person behind this account remains anonymous we did find out what drives this page with the following few answers:

Q: Why Do You Do This?

A: I do it because I want people on IG to have really great form and make great gainz.

Q: What’s the one bit of bad form that annoys you the most?

A: Lifting too heavy and not understanding what you’re in the gym to fully do.

Q: Which gym has the worst trainers?

A: Unsure!

Q: What’s your top 3 tips of advice for those struggling to make gainz?

A: Form and technique! Surplus and going close to failure.

Q: Favourite lift?

A: Hack squat full rom.

Q: Did you ever think this IG account would grow to almost 20k followers so quick?

A: No

With currently 19.6K followers the_form_police2020 is one that you have to add to your follow list! Click Here to see if for yourself.

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