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super smart daily 3

The Ultimate Multivitamin Unveiled by Super Smart UK

A recent study unveiled an enlightening revelation: over 80% of American healthcare professionals – the individuals most well-versed in the realm of nutrition – are committed to taking a daily multivitamin and mineral supplement. With the plethora of health benefits attached to such supplements, this discovery hardly raises eyebrows.

At the forefront of the multivitamin revolution is Daily 3®, a product proudly launched by Super Smart UK. The supplement isn’t just any regular multivitamin; it’s a holistic health guardian.

Amongst its myriad of benefits, Daily 3® is expertly formulated to:

super smart daily 3
  • Ward off diseases and infections.
  • Shield cells from oxidative stress, which is notably linked to the ageing process.
  • Bolster both visual and nervous system functions.
  • Propel the production of blood cells, collagen, and essential thyroid hormones.
  • Promote fertility and reproduction.
  • Uphold the vitality of bones, hair, skin, teeth, and blood vessels.
  • Stabilise blood sugar and cholesterol metrics, and optimise digestion.
  • Infuse the body with energy, driving away both physical and mental weariness.
  • And most crucially, fortify the immune system.

So, if you were to hold onto just one dietary supplement, let Daily 3® be your unanimous choice. Comprising a whopping 45 ingredients, of which 12 are vitamins, 8 minerals, and several are luxury phytonutrients, the supplement stands apart. Each capsule is vegetarian-friendly, ensuring accessibility for all.

super smart daily 3

What further sets Daily 3® apart is its incorporation of elite, patented components like BioPQQ®, Quatrefolic® and Bioperine®. Celebrated as one of the most superior multivitamins in the market, it offers unparalleled value for money. Testament to Super Smart UK’s commitment to innovation, the formula was revamped in 2023, elevating it to unprecedented standards of excellence.

Looking to make this all-in-one health powerhouse a part of your routine? Discover Daily 3® in the Supersmart online catalogue. And, as a token of our appreciation for your trust, use our 10% Off Super Smart UK Discount Code GYMFLU 10 at checkout.

Discover wellness. Discover Super Smart UK. Discover Daily 3®.

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