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Tommy Fury Workout Routine: Boxing, Strength & Conditioning

Renowned UK boxer and fitness influencer Tommy Fury is known for his unique workout and boxing routines. As a professional boxer, Tommy Fury is famed for 100% victory in all nine ring appearances over the past five years.

Ahead of the iconic fight with popular YouTuber KSI, who also has never lost any of his previous three professional fights, Tommy Fury’s workout routine is notably interesting.

From his strength and conditioning training to his cardio training and diet routine, we’ll unveil how Tommy Fury works out to stay fit as a boxer.

Tommy Fury Professional Boxing Career


Tommy Fury, a 24-year-old professional boxer and reality TV personality, is also the younger half-brother to world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. He began his professional boxing career 2018 in a debut against Jevgenijs Andrejevs.

An outstanding feat in Tommy Fury’s boxing career is his 100% victory in all nine professional fights, with four being straight knockouts. Despite taking nine months off to feature in the popular reality TV show Love Island, he has maintained a progressive path as a boxer.

Tommy Fury Workout Routine

From cardio to sparring and arm workouts, Fury’s workout routines are intense. Here’s a rundown of his workout routine,

Strength training: Tommy Fury trains in a 10-week training camp, taking only Sundays off. He uses bodyweight exercises for strength training.

Cardio: He includes a lot of cardio in his workout routine. He does this by skipping and running twice daily and finishing the week with an impressive 8-10 mile run.

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Sparring: Sparring is vital to Tommy Fury’s arm workout routine. This makes his punches more powerful and helps him sustain fast footwork.

Core Strength: Tommy Fury builds his abdominal strength by adding weights for intense core training exercises.

Diet routine: Tommy Fury’s diet is mostly vegan. His food proportions include a combination of healthy fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, while he also keeps track of his calorie intake.

Bottom Line

When he’s not winning hearts on Love Island, Tommy Fury has a consistent 10-week workout program at a training camp. However, his workout routine has intensified ahead of the bout against YouTuber KSI at the AO Arena on 14th October as he gears up for the clash. Interestingly, this is set to be the biggest fight in crossover boxing history, and millions of fans can no longer wait to see how this goes down. 

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