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Top 3 Reign Total Body Fuel Flavours

Top 3 Reign Total Body Fuel Flavours

It’s crazy to think that this Monster competitor have made such a big print on the energy drink world in such little time. Reign Body Fuel was founded in 2019 by you guessed it Monster Beverage Corporation it has gone strength to strength thanks to big athlete endorsements that include Thor, plus major advertising streams such as sponsorships.

Introducing: REIGN Total Body Fuel (feat. "Thor" Bjornsson)

Reign promotes a healthier energy drink than most which contain 0g of sugar, are packed with BCAAs and natural caffeine that is sourced from green coffee beans.

With over a dozen flavours available including their new Inferno range it was always going to be hard to pick the Top 3 Reign Body Fuel Flavours but we here at Gymfluencers started working out hard, consuming these drinks and we have finally come up with our list.

  1. Reign Body Fuel Melon Mania: A sweet tasting, refreshing melon taste that is easy to down and leaves an after taste for hours.
  2. Reign Body Fuel Peach Fizz: Is it bad too add alcohol to an energy drink? YES! But if we did this would be the one. The ultra refreshing peach taste is light, contains little fizz and is perfect to cool you down on a hot day or during a big workout.
  3. Reign Body Fuel Lemon HDZ: Sweet, tart and just like a lemon drop candy.

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