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Feel Vegan Collagen

The Verdict’s In: Trialling Feel Vegan Collagen

Collagen has become a bit of a buzzword in the health and fitness industry. There are quite a few supplements out there, and it’s hard to tell what you need vs. what’s a fad. 

Feel are ahead of the game, launching the world’s first vegan collagen especially designed to revitalise skin, hair and nail growth.

I’ve hit the ripe age of 25. Lately, I’ve been staring at my skin in the mirror picking holes and panicking that I’ve not done enough to protect it from sun damage or prevent ageing. (Yes, I know I’m only 25, but trust me, it’s not looking as supple or as bright as it used to…) Oh, how I wish I’d listened to my mother when she told me to wear sun cream every day!

So, when I found out that Feel had introduced a new collagen supplement, I just had to get my hands on it! Here’s everything you need to know about collagen and the real deal on Feel.

Feel Vegan Collagen

What is collagen?

Collagen is an essential protein produced in the body. It supports muscle growth and repair, bone density and also improves skin and eye health. Although mainly found in animals, collagen also exists in bone broth and gelatin. You can also trigger collagen production with foods like fish, chicken, red meat, eggs, soy and beans.

Feel Vegan Collagen

Why should you take collagen?

As we get older, our bodies start to produce less collagen (sigh). Like any vitamin, sometimes we need a little boost, and this usually comes in the form of a supplement. 

Collagen is known for several benefits, mainly as a “fountain of youth” due to its ability to turn back the wheel of time. Some studies have shown that taking collagen regularly can have anti-wrinkle properties, help restore luscious locks and even improve nail health. Seems like a good case to take collagen to me…

Which flavour does Feel vegan collagen come in?

Currently, Feel has only one flavour of collagen which is strawberry and peach. Perfect for the summer!

Feel Vegan Collagen

How much collagen do you take?

As advised on the tin, Feel recommends mixing 2 tsp (10g) of collagen per day in a glass of 200-300ml water.

Personally, I like my drinks on the sweet side, so I opted for less water (200ml) and two scoops. You have to mix it really well, but then it dissolves after about 30 seconds. 

Feel Vegan Collagen

How long does it take for collagen supplements to work?

Now, when the weather’s a bit muggy and you’re dehydrated, water doesn’t quite cut the mustard. You need something that’s going to balance those electrolytes quickly, refresh your skin and leave you glowing. Sound like a lot to ask for?

Not if you take a scoop of Feel’s vegan collagen in some ice-cold water!

I took this little concoction at around 4 pm (rather than succumb to my third iced coffee of the day) and within 30 minutes I felt replenished. 

Feel Vegan Collagen

Naturally, to see real improvements to your skin, hair or nails, you’ll need to take collagen at least once a day for 30 days or more. These things don’t happen overnight!

Pros of Feel Vegan Collagen

Easy to mix and use

What I really like about this collagen supplement is that it’s not difficult to use. It comes in nice packaging, with no plastic wrappers and all you need is a teaspoon and some water. I was worried I’d need a special shaker to mix everything, but the natural dissolvent kicked in quickly.

Smells and tastes delicious 

It smells like peach ice tea and tastes like a popsicle. The strawberry is quite subtle, but it brings out the sweet flavour of nectar nicely. A good pairing!

Feel Vegan Collagen

Not too pricey!

Investing in your health these days can seem like a fortune. Thanks to Feel, each tub costs £44.50 and has around 30 servings, so that’s roughly £1.50 a day to revitalise your skin. The best part is that you can get 10% off your first month of any Feel products with the code PARTNER10. You can’t put a price on youth. 

All natural ingredients

Feel’s vegan collagen comes in a strawberry-peach-powdered flavour, with absolutely ZERO artificial sweeteners or flavourings. It’s a no-sugar-added, gluten-free and no GMO drink of joy. It even incorporates Type 1 Collagen (the closest to human-produced collagen) which really takes the cake.

Cons of Feel Vegan Collagen

More flavours

It’s natural for humans to get bored, and taking a drink supplement daily for 30 days means you might get sick of peach. Perhaps we need a lemonade flavour?

Feel Vegan Collagen

To try Feel or not to try Feel, that is the question…

Honestly, it seems like a no-brainer. Feel has developed an easy way to pump in more collagen into your body without pain or needles. Don’t forget, you get 10% off your first Feel collagen purchase. That means you’re investing just £1.30 a day to get that glowy skin, which is cheaper than any other quick fix to the inevitability of ageing. Now that is a bargain.

What’s even better is that you can now stack this product with the new Feel Daily Biotic to help improve gut health which is directly connected with stress, anxiety, and tiredness.

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