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Ultra Premium Recipe Box From Green Chef

We Tried The Ultra Premium Recipe Box From Green Chef

Meal prep, food delivery, high protein offerings and recipe boxes are what we gym lovers live for and Green Chef has officially changed the game with its premium offerings that cater for pretty much all dietary needs.

Green Chef is renowned for using sustainable and premium ingredients that ensure you get the ultimate food experience whilst also caring for the planet thanks to its emission-offset promise and recyclable packaging.

Green Chef Order

When I logged into Green Chef I was greeted by the vast choice of options and what was surprising is they actually allow you to pick foods based on your dietary requirements. They offer 6 diet options: Vegan, Vegetarian, Lower Carb, Flexitarian, Keto and Pescatarian. Being on a bit of a cut myself I chose the lower-carb option on the 2 people/3 recipe plan which costs just £24 including delivery when using the Discount Code GREENGYM Here. My 3 recipe choices were:

  1. Smoked Tofu Nasi Goreng Inspired Rice
  2. Chicken and Avocado Salad
  3. Yellow Thai Inspired Pork Meatball Laska
Ultra Premium Recipe Box From Green Chef

OK so let’s be honest I have had a lot of chicken and avocado salads in my time so that was maybe not a choice I should have gone for but let me tell you the ultimate benefit of this was ZERO WASTE. It came portioned out and made plenty for that meal and that meal alone. I am fed up with seeing a half-eaten gone off Avocado in my fridge and I hate opening chicken and re-sealing it. We got what we would consume and that was perfect.

The highlights of this order were definitely the Smoked Tofu Nasi Goreng that contained 10 ingredients, an easy-to-follow recipe card with just 6 simple steps and around 20 minutes of total cooking time. The meal was delicious and like nothing I have ever created in my own kitchen before or even ordered when eating out. The nutritional values per serving are:

KCAL: 567 – Protein: 32.4g (OMG YES) – Carbs: 48.1g – Fat: 26.7g

Ultra Premium Recipe Box From Green Chef

As balanced meals go this is a winner and just look at the amount of protein per serving. Good luck getting that from a ready meal or your typical boring chicken and veg dinner.


Is Green Chef worth it? YES! £24 for all of that goodness delivered straight to my door. It was fun to order, great to be back in the kitchen and delicious. It definitely rivals HelloFresh and wipes the floor with any other brands we have reviewed. The ultimate benefits of Green Chef include cost, zero wastage and amazing food.

Make sure to order your Green Chef recipe box Here to receive 40% off your first order.

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Don’t just take our word for it. See what fitness enthusiast and food lover @luisatamrakar_fit thought of her delivery from Green Chef in her latest reel.

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