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applied nutrition body fuel

Applied Nutrition BodyFuel: The Unsung Hero Of Sports Hydration

Keep on top of your hydration game with the unsung hero of sports hydration – Applied Nutrition’s BodyFuel.

We all know how essential it is to stay hydrated when you’re working up a sweat, and BodyFuel Electrolyte and Vitamin water is packed with key electrolytes including sodium, potassium, and magnesium which work to help you rehydrate quickly and recover better after a workout.

The Applied Nutrition drink also has BCAAs to further boost recovery, B vitamins to refuel your energy tank, and vitamin D to support your immune system, as well as vitamins C and E which have amazing antioxidant properties.

applied nutrition body fuel

And to top it all off, BodyFuel tastes great. Like, really great. It comes in a range of seven amazing flavours, including Lemon & Lime, Summer Fruits, and Icy Blue Raz. For a real dose of nostalgia though, you have to get the Swizzles Drumstick flavour!

All that goodness makes BodyFuel the perfect drink to stash in your gym bag and enjoy during and after your workouts. You can stock up on your favourite flavours on the Applied Nutrition website, with 12 bottles for just £19.95.

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