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Are Prime Energy Drinks Dangerous?

In a recent YouTube video, popular YouTuber James Smith broke down the amount of caffeine in Prime Energy drink. It’s no longer news that Prime Energy drink is facing bans in Australian schools, with stores in Canada also pulling out the energy drink from their shelves.

In his video, James explained that with any substance, too much of it could be harmful. He also stated that consuming caffeine at least 60 minutes before working out is essential to get the benefits of caffeine.

In sports, knowing the right dosage of caffeine in mg depends on your body weight. For example, it’s important to stick with this formula when calculating your caffeine intake: 3-9mg/kg. However, according to the FDA, the recommended amount of caffeine adults can consume daily is 400mg.

Comparing energy drinks and their caffeine content, James picked four of his top energy drinks and two cans of Prime Energy drinks. Here’s a breakdown of their caffeine content.

  • Non-USA Prime: 110mg
  • USA Prime: 200mg
  • Monster Energy: 140mg
  • Ghost Energy drink: 200mg
  • C4 Energy drink: 200mg
  • Red Bull Energy drink: 150mg

Comparing their caffeine content to powdered pre-workout supplements, there isn’t much difference, as most pre-workouts have a caffeine content of 200mg per serving. According to James, there’s no problem with Prime Energy drink as it’s not any different from its competitors.

Prior to the ban in Australian schools, KSI and Logan Paul’s Prime Energy Drink had gotten wide acceptance, with many people raving about it on social media.

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