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James Smith Debunks Logan Paul Prime vs Gatorade Claims

You can always count on James Smith to give his honest, no-holds-barred opinion on all things health and fitness. And the latest target he’s tackling is Prime Hydration, the hit drink from Logan Paul and KSI.

Smith’s biggest issue is with Prime being called a hydration drink. See, this guy really does know his stuff when it comes to the science behind these kinds of things, and in his video he breaks down Logan Paul’s claims when it comes to Prime vs Gatorade.

Paul has said that Prime is just as good, if not better, than Gatorade when it comes to hydration. One of his reasons for this claim is the fact that Gatorade has 17 times the amount of sugar in it that Prime has. Seems like a valid point, right? Surely less sugar is better? 

Logan Paul's Most Profitable Scam Yet

As a general rule this might be true. But, as James points out, when it comes to drinks designed to help you rehydrate after a sweaty workout, sugar is actually a good thing. And so is salt, something Prime hydration only has small amounts of.

So if you’re looking for a drink to just quench your thirst then by all means grab a bottle of Prime, but if you actually want some serious hydration then you might want to take Smith’s advice and look elsewhere!

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