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Bannatyne spa and fitness

Bannatyne Health Spa and Gym Durham: Redefining Fitness with Innovative Approaches and Cutting-Edge Amenities

Navigating your fitness path has never been easier, thanks to Bannatyne Health Spa and Gym in Durham. By offering personalized support, state-of-the-art equipment, and exceptional facilities, this gym redefines the fitness landscape in the UK.

The Bannatyne gym has conceived the SMARTPATH fitness plan to tailor its services to the varying needs of its clientele. It includes the 12-week StartSmart programme for newcomers, where trainers offer in-depth guidance, and the HealthSmart programme for existing members seeking to rejuvenate their fitness journey. The latter is a free six-week fitness initiative conducted by our expert coaches.

What We Love about Bannatyne

Bannatyne spa and fitness

Bannatyne is a fitness aficionado’s dream, featuring a perfect blend of traditional equipment and cutting-edge innovation. From Technogym treadmills and plate-loaded resistance machines to SKILLROW, SKILLMILL, and Wattbikes, it’s all there. With our Omnia 3 functional training equipment from the renowned Technogym OMNIA range, your workout experience will reach new heights.

Members will enjoy a complimentary StartSmart programme upon joining. The programme’s result-oriented approach ensures you receive a gym regimen tailored to your fitness aspirations.

Bannatyne spa and fitness

Bannatyne extends its warmth beyond the workout floor, offering a cozy Café Bar where members can enjoy nutritional meals or a friendly Starbucks chat. Protein product deals add to the appeal, providing the perfect pre or post-workout enhancement. The gym’s facilities further include heated swimming pools, relaxing saunas, steam rooms, and soothing spa pools.

Over 40 of Bannatyne Health Clubs house an in-house spa, offering exclusive Elemis and Bannatyne treatments. All members can experience pure relaxation with professional massages, manicures, and facials, with an exclusive 10% discount on all treatments.

With an array of complimentary classes, Bannatyne welcomes members of all ages, fitness levels, and workout preferences. From innovative high-octane sessions like B:functional and Les Mills classes to traditional options like Yoga and Aqua, there’s a class for everyone. Les Mills Virtual, available on-demand outside the timetable, and the latest Les Mills Smart Tech equipment, provide an unrivaled group exercise experience.

What Else Do You Need to Know about Bannatyne

To keep up with the dynamic fitness industry, Bannatyne continually invests in groundbreaking facilities and equipment, offering impressive value. The Bannatyne App, available on both Apple and Android devices, allows members to book classes, monitor biometrics, track exercise routines, and record personal bests.

Members can take their fitness management to the next level with MYZONE, a unique app and belt system that measures heart rate, calories burned, and real-time workout effort. The MYZONE belt seamlessly integrates with the Bannatyne app for optimum fitness tracking and can be purchased at a discounted price at the club reception or online.

Bannatyne spa and fitness

With the introduction of the B:360 wristband system, Bannatyne elevates the member experience to new heights. This innovative system enables access to facilities, locker use, and contactless payment, rendering the gym journey more seamless than ever. Drop by the local club reception for more information.

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