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GYMSHARK Founder Ben Francis Launches New Weekly VLOG 

Ben Francis, founder of massively popular gym wear brand Gymshark, has recently launched a new weekly vlog that he’ll share with his 256K YouTube subscribers.

The first video in the series is a 20-minute look behind the scenes of a week in the life of the busy entrepreneur. And seriously, the man is busy! He’s still completely hands-on with Gymshark, and juggles that with an active home life with his wife Robin and their twin boys.

In the vlog you get a glimpse into how non-stop his life is, starting with a whole day of meetings in the office on Monday before a (not entirely successful) visit to the gym and a quick haircut before finally heading home.

A week In the life of Ben Francis MBE | Week Vlog Ep1

The rest of Ben’s week is mostly made up of more meetings, and wraps up in Manchester where he enjoys the first Lift event since the beginning of the pandemic back in 2020.

Ben’s shared a lot of behind the scenes content in the past on his YouTube channel, but this ‘week in the life’ vlog format is something new, and we really hope he keeps it up because it gives such a great insight into what his life is really like.

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