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Carl Froch Slams Liam Smith’s Performance as AWFUL

British former professional boxer Carl Froth predicts Liam Smith’s boxing days are over as the latter performed terribly in his recent rematch with Chris Eubank Jr

Although Froch initially predicted Smith would win the rematch, he retracted his words after the first round. From the first round of the fight against Smith, Chris Eubank Jr. exuded strength and confidence regardless of the constant booing from the crowd.

Smith had the upper hand in their first fight and unsurprisingly won the match. Due to his performance, Froch and many other fans believed the rematch would be an easy win. However, fans were disappointed to see the terrible show he put on. 

“Liam Smith was AWFUL, Eubank Jr was BRILLIANT.” Carl Froch immediate reaction to #SmithEubank2

Giving credit to Chris Eubank Jr for an amazing display of skills, Froch was amazed at how calm he was. Although under pressure, he didn’t look it one bit. He maintained his composure, delivering several jabs and uppercuts at his opponent. 

Frotch believes Chris Eubank Jr’s win wasn’t solely a result of having an exceptional coach, Brian McIntyre, but he also believes Chris Eubank Jr’s weight had a role to play. Chris Eubank Jr not only showed strength, he looked strong.

Regarding Smith’s career taking a hit after the loss, Froch thinks it’d be better if Smith hung his gloves and drew the curtain. He’s had an impressive professional boxing career, but the weight gain and back injury were enough reasons to retire. Smith gave excuses for being out of shape in a post-fight press conference, but Froch believes Smith underestimated Chris Eubank Jr.

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