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carl froch

Carl Froch Slams Liam Smith’s Performance as AWFUL

British former professional boxer Carl Froth predicts Liam Smith’s boxing days are over as the latter performed terribly in his recent rematch with Chris Eubank Jr.  Although Froch initially predicted Smith would win the rematch, he retracted his words after…
lululemon fundamental T-shirt

Lululemon Redefines the Classic Tee with its New Innovative Fundamental T-Shirt

When innovative technology meets comfort, remarkable fashion solutions are born. Known for its distinctive, athleisure-inspired designs, Lululemon launches its new Fundamental T-Shirt, blending cottony-soft fabric with cutting-edge abrasion-resistant technology. This groundbreaking combination ensures that your classic tee not only feels…
bodybuilding events

Top 5 UK August Bodybuilding Events To Attend

UK bodybuilding fans listen up! There’s a whole host of fantastic events taking place over the summer that are perfect for fuelling your motivation to hit the gym. Take a look at our top 5 UK August bodybuilding events to…
Mark zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg Wins First Public Jiu-Jitsu Match 

Mark Zuckerberg, the world-famous CEO of Meta, won his first public Jiu-Jitsu match on Saturday 6th May.  The match took place in Redwood City, California, and Zuckerberg walked away with the gold medal in Nogi Master 1 White Belt FeatherWeight…
bodybuilding events

Top 5 Bodybuilding Events To Attend In May 

We may have just passed the halfway mark in May, but there’s still plenty to look forward to on the bodybuilding circuit this month.  Thanks to the Gymfluencers Calendar, you don’t have to miss a single lift. Using our own…
prime partners with dallas united

PRIME Partners With Castro’s Dallas United 

Dallas United have announced KSI and Logan Paul’s PRIME as their official hydration partner ahead of TST 2023.  The American outfit, which was formed as part of a unique collaboration between popular Fifa streamer Castro and the Dallas Soccer Alliance,…
mitchell hooper

Mitchell Hooper Crowned World’s Strongest Man 

Every now and again sport produces incredible narratives that even the most imaginative of scriptwriters would struggle to conjure up.  On Sunday, April 23, we saw one of those moments play out before our very eyes as Mitchell Hooper won…