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GDA Nutrition: What It Means

GDA, which means Guideline Daily Amount, provides information and guidelines on the appropriate nutrient consumption for a balanced diet. GDA Nutrition is commonly found on food labels, guiding an adult’s recommended daily consumption of certain nutrients.

GDA nutrition aims to help consumers better understand the nutrient content of their products. Typically, GDA provides information on carbohydrates, protein, salt (sodium), fibre, sugars, fat, saturated fat and energy (calories) measured in kcal.

As the name implies, GDA is a guide, meaning you don’t necessarily have to consume up to the recommended amount. While it’s ok to come close to the calories GDA, you must avoid eating nothing more than the recommended intake of fat, saturated fat, sugars and salt.

How to Read Nutrition Information → Food Labels EXPLAINED

The GDA values are shown in percentages and represent the recommended daily intake according to the food product’s serving. For instance, women’s typical calorie intake GDA is 2000 kcal, while men and children between 5 and 10 are 2500 and 1800, respectively. Similarly, the standard sugar GDA for women, men and children aged 5 to 10 are 90g, 120g and 85g, respectively. 

People can effectively manage their dietary intake by using GDA information. With GDA nutrition, they can compare the nutritional value of various products and select choices that align with their nutritional targets or dietary limitations.

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