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Ghost Energy Review: The BEST Energy Drink Ever?!?

Ghost Energy Review: The BEST Energy Drink Ever?!?

It’s the supplement company that took the world by storm! This is our Ghost Energy Review!

You can’t go a day without seeing the Ghost brand, athletes or new amazing collab products being released but this one grabbed out attention and we need to talk about it. Ghost Energy is already available in 7 flavours, sold across the world and already gaining on it’s competitors Monster and Reign.

The Ghost Lifestyle brand was founded by fitness and health enthusiasts Ryan Hughes and Daniel Lourenco in 2016. Since the launch 100s of products have been released that include Whey, Greens, Gamer and even apparel. Ghost have even worked with major food and drinks companies to create collaborations that include Oreo Whey, Swedish Fish Pre Workout and Sour Patch Legend.

Ghost Energy Review: The BEST Energy Drink Ever?!?

Their move into the energy drink market came as no surprise with them wanting to compete in every corner of this health market but the array of flavours, more collabs and how quick these sell did shock the industry. You can find Ghost Energy available in the flavours:

  1. Cirtus
  2. Warheads Sour
  3. Tropical Mango
  4. Sour Patch Kids Redberry
  5. Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry
  6. Bubblicious Strawberry Splash
  7. Orange Cream

We have not yet been able to try all of the flavours but we were lucky enough to pick up the new Orange Cream flavour and it’s a 10/10. Light, refreshing, cream soda back taste and just one of those drinks you crave each day. We have also heard the Bubblicious is also a fan favourite.

Ghost continue to stand being they fully transparent ingredients list and have a full disclosure label which highlight’s exactly what’s in this energy drink and includes:

  1. 200mg natural caffeine.
  2. 1000mg carnipure L-Carnitine
  3. 150mg Alpha-GPC
  4. 100mg NeuroFactor
  5. 25mg AstraGin

All of this gives you a complete performance package that helps aid mental focus, contains zero sugars and of course no artificial colours.


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