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Gymfluencers HOT Vlog Channels: Introducing MattDoesFitness

Ready for another installment of our HOT Vlog Channels series? Well, you might want to mix up a preworkout for this one to power up your energy levels, because once you start watching his videos you won’t want to stop!

Allow us to introduce you to MattDoesFitness, a fitness YouTuber from the UK with a massive 2.21 million subscribers.

I ate DOUBLE my brother's bulking diet *8,000 CALORIES*

Not bad for a former PE teacher who only started his channel after his wife suggested he share some videos of his journey into weightlifting!

Since those early days he’s built up an insane following, consistently putting out content that’s high-energy and fun (as well as inspiring to anyone looking for motivation to hit the gym and build muscle).

Matt’s videos focus on fitness, food, and family, with loads of eating challenges, impressive workouts, and behind the scenes videos of family life.  


We love how one week you’ll see Matt pushing himself in the gym and walking you through the exercises he does to get in shape, and the next he’ll share a video where he takes on the biggest pizza in London. 

So if you like a bit of variety in your videos, and want some down to earth entertainment, then you have to go and give MattDoesFitness a follow. Check him out on Instagram and YouTube.

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