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Mia Green

Gymfluencers HOT Vlog Channels: Introducing Mia Green 

At Gymfluencers we’re always on the hunt for emerging creators who’re making serious waves in the health and fitness game. 

So, that got us thinking. Why don’t we start showing our favourite up-and-coming influencers some love by helping them connect with a wider audience?

That, my friends, is exactly what we’re planning to do with our brand new ‘Gymfluencers HOT Vlog’ series. 

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be helping you find your new favourite channels and have you clicking away at that subscribe button like you’re playing a game of Hungry Hippos. 

We needed someone special to kick things off, and that’s precisely why we picked Mia Green. 

SUMMERY DAY IN MY LIFE AS A CONTENT CREATOR | train with me & work day

If you haven’t already seen her channel pop up on your homepage, Mia is an English vlogger who tackles tough subjects with the same energy that she brings to her workouts. 

Not only does she help her subscribers grow their glutes with her leg-shaking training guides, but she’s also on a mission to deal with supposedly taboo subjects such as how the menstrual cycle can affect body confidence and performance in the gym. 

Plus, in between all the straining and grunting under squat racks, Mia likes to take her fanbase with her on exotic solo trips to destinations such as Dubai and Bali.

Mia Green

With 40,000 subscribers on YouTube and 187,000 followers on Instagram, it’s no surprise Mia already has deals with Krissy Cela’s Oner Active and EHPlabs. 

If you’re liking the sound of Mia’s content, then check out her socials and join the ever-growing community. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

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