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David Laid

Gymshark Make David Laid Their New Creative Director 

Gymshark has announced YouTube sensation David Laid as its new Creative Director of Lifting.

The online mega-star and long-term Gymshark athlete has been drafted in to take the company back to its roots following a recent loss of identity that has seen some fans question their affiliation with the brand. 

Laid revealed his new position to his 1.49m YouTube subscribers on Tuesday, February 14 during an honest, no-holds-barred message to the fitness community.

He said: “As many of you have probably seen and felt, over the past few years Gymshark has strayed or gone away slightly from their original roots of what they were as a company. 

“That comes down to some of the clothes that they were making, some of the stances and things that they were doing on social media.”

No Longer A Gymshark Athlete

Laid said he no longer resonated with Gymshark and began to question his position as a Gymshark athlete, which in turn led to him agreeing on a deal to take up his new post. 

The move will signal the end of his time on Gymshark’s roster, but he says he’ll now have more influence than ever.

“I’m going to have a massive degree of impact and influence when it comes to shaping Gymshark’s male lifting domain,” he continued.

Calum Watson, Global Partnerships Director at Gymshark, said: “It gives me great pleasure to introduce Gymshark’s new Creative Director, Lifting – David Laid.

“David is coming on board in his new role to revive the brand’s heritage from where it all began – the weights room.

“David is one of the true success stories of both fitness and lifting, inspiring the next generation to step up to the bar and raise it.”

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