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Iron Elite Ultra High Protein Blend

It’s official, we have found one of the nicest tasting protein powders in the business and it belongs to a relatively unknown new kids on the block company: Iron Elite. Supplied to us to taste by Muscle Voodoo Durham we were sceptical at first due to the price costing just £29.99 for a 90 servings tub plus their low key packaging.

We have tried their reccommended 2 scoops with 500ml of water and then 500ml with milk and the outcome was as if we were drinking Hagen Daaz Vanilla Ice Cream straight from the tub. A few shakes and it mixed, a thick milkshake consistency and zero powdery after taste was the iceing on the cake.

Nutritional Info (per 25g scoop):

Energy: 93.5Kcal

Fat: 0.80g

Carbs: 1.45g

Protein: 20.1g

These macros stack up above most popular protein powders on the market. Don’t take out word for it. Head on over to Muscle Voodoo Durham now to order yours.

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