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ZENB Gourmet Sauces Review

Level Up Your Dinners With ZENB Gourmet Sauces

Get ready for your basic pasta dinners to have a delicious upgrade with ZENB Gourmet Sauces. They turn the simple supper staple into something really quite special.

There are three different flavours in the range at the moment, and they’re all unbelievably tasty.

The best way to try out the sauces is with ZENB’s variety pack. This is the one I went for and it was perfect for taste-testing all the flavours.

You can get a three-pack, so one pouch of each flavour, for £10. Or you can get six pouches for £19, or nine pouches for £27.

ZENB Gourmet Sauces Range

Cherry Tomato Gourmet Pasta Sauce

Made with slow-cooked whole cherry tomatoes, garlic, and basil, this sauce is a real classic. The depth of flavour is just incredible and the texture is beautifully rich, so it coats the pasta perfectly. It would also make an amazing sauce to put on a pizza for another quick meal.

The 250g pouch gives you two portions that provide 10g of carbs, 2.5g of fibre, and 2.5g of protein, all for just 116 calories.

Red Pepper Pasta Sauce

Just as robust as the cherry tomato sauce, but with roasted red peppers, sauteed onions, and olive oil, this sauce brings the flavours of Tuscany to your dinner table.

Each portion is 144 calories and gives you 9.7g of carbs, 2.9g of fibre, and 2.3g of protein.

Sweet Carrot Pasta Sauce

This sauce is built around slow-cooked sweet carrots that are combined with tomatoes and oregano. The texture is beautifully light, making this sauce perfect to use as a base for soups and stirring through pasta.

Coming in at 137 calories with 9g of carbs, 2.2g of fibre, and 1.6g of protein this sauce is perfect for days when you want something a bit lighter on your pasta.


All three of the ZENB Gourmet Sauces are delicious, but my absolute favourite is the Cherry Tomato. It packs a real flavour punch and the thick texture is perfect with ZENB’s yellow pea Fusilli Pasta.

The 250g pouches of sauce are the perfect amount for 2 servings of pasta, and each one gives you one of your five-a-day portions of veg.

ZENB use as much of the vegetable as they possibly can to make these sauces, so you get all the extra goodness from things like the skin and the stem. All the ingredients are cooked slowly, using the French ‘confit’ cooking technique, which works brilliantly to add a real depth of flavour to the sauces.

It also gives the sauces a beautiful texture that’s just right for coating pasta for a quick, easy meal.

And the ZENB Gourmet Sauces really does make putting a healthy, delicious dinner together ridiculously easy. Just heat the sauce through in a pan for a few minutes and then stir in your pasta.

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous you can also use the sauces on a homemade pizza or with grilled meat or fish. But even if you do just stick with pasta you’ll end up with a dinner that tastes amazing and the most challenging part of the process will be deciding which flavour to pick.

Gizzi Erskine x ZENB - Penne alla Vodka

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What’s even better is that you can now try the full range and receive 40% off plus free postage when using our ZENB Discount Code WORKOUT at the checkout on their website Here.

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