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Level Up Your Gym Accessories With FORME Shaker

Considering most of us use our protein shakers every single day, we’re, for some reason, happy to settle for a cheap lump of plastic that is more of a hindrance than a help. 

It’s time to upgrade your protein shaker, and FORME Shaker is here to help. Plus, they have a FORME discount code, GF20 that gets you 20% off your purchase.

FORME Shaker was designed with three main goals: to be functional, stylish, and sustainable. And it has certainly achieved that brief, with users calling it “without doubt the best shaker going.” 

Not only is it available in Charcoal, Azure, Jungle, and Chalk, but it comes complete with several convenient features that will help streamline your supplementation. 

Built-in storage allows you to store up to 35g of supplements or snacks in a container that locks into the base of your shaker. Its narrow diameter makes pouring easy.

forme shaker

You can kiss goodbye to nosy whisk balls rattling around when you’re on the move, too. The FORME Shaker’s silent mechanism thoroughly mixes powders to eliminate lumps and noise. 

Moreover, the stainless steel body ensures longevity and keeps 500ml of liquid cold for 12 hours, or hot for 8 hours, depending on your preference. 

The rounded corners prevent unwanted residue from building up and causing nasty odours which usually greet you when you unscrew the lid. 

FORME Shaker is offering all Gymfluencers users an incredible 20% off when you use code GF20 at the checkout. 

Head over to the website to secure your new gym buddy today.

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