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lumen metabolism device

Lumen Introduces a New Era of Metabolic Insight Right At Your Fingertips

With the personal health industry witnessing an extraordinary technological innovation, Lumen’s Metabolism Tracker has come to the forefront as a groundbreaking advancement in understanding individual metabolic health. This revolutionary device is ushering in an era where individuals can harness a profound understanding of their metabolic health from their living rooms, eliminating the erstwhile need to visit medical establishments.

Historically, individuals resorted to the Respiratory Exchange Ratio (RER) test, a labor-intensive and costly method, to determine their metabolic rate. This procedure was primarily restricted to the domain of healthcare clinics. However, Lumen’s Metabolism Tracker has dramatically revolutionized this by harnessing the essence of the RER test. The device measures CO2 concentration through an individual’s breath, presenting a convenient and budget-friendly alternative.

A distinctive feature of the Lumen device is its breathing exercise regimen, customized for each of its users. By guiding users to inhale a precise volume of air, retaining it for a brief period, and then releasing it, the gadget precisely measures the user’s distinct CO2 levels and lung capacity, thus delivering tailor-made results.

Every morning, Lumen’s innovative technology determines whether an individual’s body is using fats or carbohydrates as its primary energy source. Such insight empowers individuals to adjust their dietary and fitness routines accordingly. Furthermore, Lumen aids in enhancing metabolic flexibility, ensuring the body’s efficiency in switching between different energy sources.

lumen metabolism device

The Lumen Metabolism Tracker is not just a marvel in design but stands robust in its scientific foundation. Rigorous, peer-reviewed research underpins its claims, marking its reputation as a reliable and precise metabolism measurement tool.

Alongside its remarkable features, Lumen’s award-winning minimalist design, advanced CO2 sensors, and flow meters add a touch of elegance and sophistication. Its compactness is juxtaposed with powerful capabilities, ensuring it’s not just portable but incredibly functional. With a Poly Ion battery promising extended usage periods after just one charge, users can confidently take their Lumen device on long journeys.

But Lumen doesn’t stop at just metabolic insights; it’s a comprehensive health companion. It provides bespoke nutritional recommendations, daily insights on essential aspects such as sleep, diet, exercise, and much more.

For our readers eager to embark on a comprehensive health journey, there’s a special treat. Avail a £50 discount on the Lumen Metabolism Tracker with the exclusive discount codegymfluencer‘ during checkout. It’s not just a device; it’s an invitation to redefine your health with Lumen.

Visit the Lumen website here to shop now.

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