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MyProtein Clear Vegan Protein Powder Review: The GOAT

Hey fitness fam! If you know me, you’re well aware of my ongoing quest to find the ultimate vegan protein powder. I’ve sifted through the chunky, the chalky, and the downright yucky. But guess what? I’ve finally found THE GOAT (and no, not the animal, silly, but the Greatest Of All Time) of vegan protein powders: MyProtein’s Clear Vegan Protein.

First Impressions: A Game Changer 

Let me spill the tea (or should I say, protein shake?). This ain’t your regular plant-powered drink. MyProtein has truly flipped the script, creating a game-changing vegan protein shake. It’s a harmonious blend of high-quality pea protein isolate (talk about clean gains!), real fruit infusion, and a generous splash of essential B vitamins. So, instead of that milky, pasty vibe that’s synonymous with most protein powders, this one’s light, refreshing, and fruity. My taste buds are seriously thanking me!

Flavour Town 

And speaking of taste, let’s talk flavours. My top picks are: Lemon and Lime (tangy delight!), Pineapple and Grapefruit (tropical vacay vibes), Apple & Elderflower (sophisticated sip), Strawberry (classic and oh-so-sweet), Blackcurrant (berry blast), Raspberry Mojito (cheers to recovery!), and Watermelon (summer in a shake). They’re all a refreshing departure from the typical creamy protein shakes that can be too heavy post-workout.

Nutrition Breakdown 

Each delightful serving packs in:

  • 10g of plant-powered protein (muscle gains, here we come!)
  • Just 1g of sugar (No sugar crashes? Yes, please!)
  • 50% of your daily B vitamin intake (keeping both the body *and* the mind sharp)

I mean, c’mon! Where else are you going to find a protein powder that doubles up as a source of essential B vitamins that boost psychological function, reduce tiredness, support the immune system, and the nervous system? Talk about multitasking.

Usage & Sustainability 

myprotein clear vegan protein

It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Add a serving to some cold water, shake it, let the bubbles settle and sip away. Find your sweet spot by adjusting the water quantity to get that perfect concentration. And oh, sustainability warriors, rejoice! Once you’re done, you can recycle the tub as it’s made of 100% recyclable plastic. Eco-friendly gains for the win!

A Perfect Pairing 

If you want to amp up the nutrition, add some Vegan BCAA Sustain to your post-workout shake. Trust me, it complements the Clear Vegan Protein perfectly and helps in muscle repair.


Honestly, fam, I’m head over heels. If you’re looking for a light, tasty, and nutritional vegan protein powder that’s sustainable too, look no further.

Oh, and because I love ya’ll so much, use our discount code MYPGYM for a whopping 38% off. You’re welcome! 

Stay green and keep those gains coming! Visit the MyProtein website here now to shop.

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