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Online Coaches Level Up Your Nutritional Plans With Weekmeals

If you’re an online coach who’s still manually creating meal plans then listen up. Weekmeals is the time-saving life hack you need to know about. 

The new app generates 450+ fitted recipes for multiple clients all at once, streamlining your workload and putting variety back on the menu. 

So, how does it all work?

First, simply invite clients to the app. Once they’ve set themselves up a profile you can add them to your dashboard and get to work on defining their macros. 

The app will suggest protein, carbohydrate, and fat totals based on whether you want the client to be in a calorie deficit or surplus, but you still have full autonomy to go in and tweak any values you see fit. After all, you’re the coach. 


Once you’re happy with the macros you can decide on how many meals you want to split them between, and how you want them to be distributed.

That’s probably one of the most underrated features of Weekmeals, you still have maximum input. It’s not a lazy shortcut that does your job for you, it’s a tool that benefits both coach and client in equal measure. 

Speaking of the client, this is where they come in. After you’ve set everything up they’ll be able to click on each meal and choose from a huge range of recipes that all conform to their pre-determined macros. 

The increased freedom of choosing their own dishes makes it more likely that they’ll adhere long-term, therefore increasing the chance of incredible results. 


But here’s where things get really clever. Once the client has chosen their recipes, Weekmeals will generate a grocery list that they can check off as they’re walking around the supermarket.  The only thing left for the client to do is tuck in and update the app once they’ve finished. 

Aside from saving you time crafting individual meal plans, Weekmeals also allows you to grow your client base and supercharge your revenue. 

Plus, better results mean better reviews and better retention, which can only be a good thing for your brand. 

If you want to make the space truly your own then Weekmeals allows you to customise the app with your logo and colour. 

What’s more, it’s currently offering a £50 Amazon voucher to new customers. To cash in on your reward and level up your nutrition plans, head to the Weekmeals website today.

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