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hunter and gather discount code

20% OFF Hunter and Gather Discount Code

Transform your health and kiss goodbye to added sugars and chemical preservatives with our Hunter & Gatherer discount code. That’s right, you can save 20% on all purchases when you punch in ‘GYMFLUENCERS‘ at the checkout. 

Hunter & Gatherer was started by British power couple Jeff and Amy, who both overcame their respective health struggles by following an ancestrally inspired real food diet.

Having seen huge results in their own lives, their goal was simple – to create a range of natural kitchen staples, condiments and supplements all free from refined sugar, grains, and inflammatory oils to make healthy choices accessible to everyone.

Don’t get it twisted, Hunter & Gatherer’s idea of ancestral living doesn’t align with what you may have seen on social media. *Cough, Liver King, *cough. 

The brand caters to all lifestyles, including Gluten Free, Keto, Paleo, Carnivore, and Plant Based. Its selection of condiments is nothing short of inspired.

hunter and gather discount code

Our personal favourites are the Classic Avocado Oil Mayonnaise and, if you’re after something a little more fiery, the Unsweetened Sriracha Hot Sauce. 

On the market for supplements? Check out our review of Hunter & Gatherer’s Collagen Peptides formula

To discover more for yourself head to Hunter & Gatherer’s website, and be sure to use our code to save yourself some coin! 

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