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30% OFF Veloforte Discount Code 

Take your snack game to the next level and save yourself some money while doing it by using our Veloforte discount code, ‘GF30’ for 30% off. 

Instead of the processed junk that calls your name like a Siren from the rocks when you’re hungry, Veloforte offers real, kitchen-crafted nutrition that’ll instead help you realise your potential. 

From protein shakes to energy bars, gut health to hydration, Veloforte’s range is a gym lover’s idea of heaven. One of our personal favourites is the Mango & Coconut Daily Wellness Bar. 

This hand-baked tropical treat is packed full of crunchy toasted super seeds, succulent fruit, and gut-friendly whole foods — all for less than 136 calories. 

However, if it’s the protein you’re after, then Veloforte’s Nova Recovery Shake is sure to hit the spot. Formulated with 13g of complete plant protein from Peas, Brown Rice & Pumpkin, this powder is light and gentle on your gut, with no unwelcome bloating afterwards. 

What’s more, it’s blended for optimal recovery with 3:1 carbs: protein ratio and 2g of BCAAs. We’d highly recommend the Banana, Cocoa & Maca super mix. 

To check out both of these products and plenty more, head to Veloforte’s website. Don’t forget to use code ‘GF30’ for 30% off. 

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