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5 Reasons To Subscribe To Mike Thurston's YouTube Channel

5 Reasons To Subscribe To Mike Thurston’s YouTube Channel

With over 1.2Million subscribers and 360 videos on offer here are 5 reasons to subscribe to Mike Thurston’s YouTube channel.

5 Reasons To Subscribe To Mike Thurston's YouTube Channel

The man himself who started his fitness journey as a personal trainer has gone on to become one of the biggest fitness influencers in the world with a massive amount of fans and followers thanks to his honest VLOGs, training programs and businesses which now includes his own swimwear brand THRST.

5 Reasons To Subscribe To Mike Thurston’s YouTube Channel


Living in Dubai since 2019, Mike Thurston will make you jealous with what he gets to experience in a day. Dubai is known as the influencer capital of the world thanks to their incredible living conditions, low crime rates, scenery, picture perfect buildings and of course gyms.

Mike will show you what Dubai looks like by travelling to Abu Dhabi, having fun on jet ski’s, visiting the biggest and best gyms and also showing you what he eats in a day at their fantastic restaurants and meal prep delivery companies.

We Spent The Weekend In Abu Dhabi


There is no question that Mike Thurston has one of the greatest physiques in the industry with very little body fat, shredded abs and muscles showing from every single body part. You can find workout programs, watch his own splits, learn from him and understand more about what nutrition it takes to create his physique.

Abs & Cardio | My New Training Split (Day 4/6)


Training programs, swimwear, influencer marketing and other ventures help afford Mike Thurston the dream life in Dubai where he gets to keep his own hours, be his own boss and make 7 figures each year.

Mike will take you along to meetings, show behind the scenes footage and breakdown his different income sources which you can follow to create your dream working life.

How I Made An Extra £15,000 A Month


Mike gives you access to the other biggest and best influencers in the world thanks to his ever popular collab videos. Over the years his channel has featured the likes of Larry Wheels, Joesthetics, MattDoesFitness, Celia Gabbiani, Andrew Tate and JOUSFIT.

Strongman Training With Larry Wheels & MattDoesFitness


Mike Thurston is an influencer who is open, honest and speaks his mind. He never comes across as rude, arrogant or anything negative. He is fun, light hearted, eager and full of energy.

Mike gives us all a great look into this dream world with no limits. He is someone who should be admired for hard work and for never giving up. He even does cheeky videos where he will ask girls awkward questions, never turns down a dare and constantly has lad banter with his collabs.

Girls At The Gym Give Men Dating Advice

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