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christian guzman invests in cbum

Christian Guzman Invests In Chris Bumstead’s New Business

He’s always had a tendency to do things on his own when it comes to business, but that’s all about to change as Christian Guzman invests in Chris Bumstead’s new venture.

Guzman has built an epic empire on his own, with Alphalete gymwear, the 3D energy drink line, and amazing fitness destination Alphaland. He’s never needed to partner up with anyone before to have a hugely successful career.

So what’s changed his mind and made him decide to invest in Chris’ new business?

Well he reveals all in his recent YouTube video where he heads to CBum’s Revive wellness centre for the full experience to check out what he’s planning on investing in.


Despite his obvious nerves, Guzman goes in for blood tests to check for any vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and then settles down with an IV for 35 minutes for hydration. Luckily for Christian he’s kept occupied while he waits with an amazing hydrafacial which deep cleans the pores and leaves the skin super clean, bright, and hydrated.

After the visit he’s obviously impressed with what he’s seen, but the deal isn’t still 100% done yet as he’s still looking into how viable everything is. His idea though is to bring Revive to Alphaland, to add another aspect of health and wellbeing to his community. 

So watch this space to see how it all plays out!

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